Midsummer Madness 2019

06 Jul, 2019

06:00PM BST

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MIDSUMMER MADNESS 2019 An Events Community-Partnered Event This year, the first-ever edition of Midsummer Madness is taking place. The event will consist of a truckfest, followed by a 1,900 kilometre convoy along the roads of central Europe. We hope you can join us for the event of the Summer, this coming July! SCHEDULE ➢ Date: Saturday, July 6th 2019 ➢ Truckfest Start: 6:00pm BST ➢Judging Begins: 6:15pm BST ➢ Winners Announced: 6:25pm BST ➢ Trailer Collection: 6:30pm BST ➢ Convoy Departs: 6:45pm BST ➢ 15-Minute Break: 8:10pm BST ➢ Convoy ETA: 9:30pm BST TRUCKFEST ➢ Slot booking form can be found in the event Discord server. Awards will be given for the following: ➢ Most Attendees from a VTC ➢ Best VTC Parking Formation ➢ Best Public Truck Configuration LINKS ➢ Truckfest Map & Convoy Route: imgur.com/a/hRVx0UN ➢ Event Discord Server: discord.gg/aCKYhC2 ➢ ETS2c: ets2c.com/view/80126/savage-frankfurt-germany ➢ Events Community Twitter: twitter.com/eventscmty ➢ Events Community Discord Server: discord.gg/kP2Wu6s ➢ Forum Post: forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/81950-6-july-2019-midsummer-madness-2019/

Communications for this event will be in English

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