Trucking Nation Radio - Monthly Convoy #1

27 Apr, 2019

03:00PM BST

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TRUCKING NATION RADIO PRESENTS MONTHLY CONVOYS! April 2019 - The West Coast of France Route Please note you will need the "Viva la France DLC" to attend this convoy! CONVOY INFORMATION: Starting Location: Roscoff - Sea Port, France West Coast Ending Location: Marseille - Port de Contenur, France West Coast Server: EU#3 Time: 3pm BST Route Length: 939 Miles [1511 Kilometers] ROUTE DIRECTIONS: · Leave Roscoff Sea Port · Pass Brest · Enter Route N165 · Exit N165 and Pass Nantes · Enter Route A83 · Exit Route A83 and Enter Route A837 · Exit A837 and Enter Route A10 -> A630 · Pass Bordeaux · Enter Route A62 -> A61 -> A9 · Past Montpellier · Enter Route A9 -> A7 -> A55 · Enter Marseille · Finish at “Port De Contenur” CONVOY RULES & RESTRICTIONS: · 55mph/90kmh speed restriction. · No Scout Cars Allowed · No use of beacons [Except Truckers MP Staff or Convoy Control] as it causes server lag. · Trailers are allowed but have some restrictions on type: [No B-Doubles/Doubles, Heavy Cargo Trailers or HCT Trailers] · No Overtaking during the convoy expect [Truckers MP Staff and Convoy Control] · If [User] Experiences high ping 150m/s+ they will need to pull over and go to the back of the convoy to prevent crashes. · Respect all TNR Event Staff and follow what convoy control says. · If [User’s] Truck is damaged either do /fix or pull over to prevent crashes. If your truck can not be repaired with /fix they should teleport to the nearest service station where they will need to catch up with the convoy. · No Excessive use of flashes or horns. · Truck Designs are allowed [Be aware that some designs cannot be seen by other users due to DLC compatibility] · No Spamming through CB Radio or Text Chat. MEDIA & OTHER INFORMATION: If you cannot attend the convoy, don't worry as the route is going to be available on Twitch.TV to watch! [] If you haven't already joined the TNR discord do so today! Listen to the best music live: Any issues regarding this convoy feel free to reply to this thread or contact the events team at: [email protected] More Details can be found here:ôte-ouest-de-la-france/&tab=comments#comment-823311 We Hope to see you all there! - Connor [Event Manager for TNRUK]

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