SOFTUF Community Convoy

02 Dec, 2018

07:00PM GMT

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Join us for our second convoy and truckfest as we head over to Hannover on the 2nd of December at 7PM UTC! We’d love for you to come and take part! INFORMATION Truckfest Start - 7PM Convoy Start - 7:30PM Server - Event Server If you are a VTC, please confirm your attendance through ETS2C and book a VTC slot here: ROUTE MAP We will be starting in Amsterdam, please arrive with a trailer and a full tank of gas! Public parking will be in LKW, Amsterdam. For VTC’s, you will be given your assigned slot once your VTC booking has been approved.

Communications for this event will be in English

Their is no Europe sever #5

Can't wait!

Looking forward to it!

Participants (19)

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