ETS2MCG & SK Summer Convoy

28 Jul, 2018

From 02:00PM to 05:00PM BST

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★ ETS2MCG & SK Summer Convoy ★ Date: 28 July 2018 Route: Dortmund ---> Kassel ---> Hannover ---> Bremen ---> Groningen ---> Amsterdam ---> Rotterdam ---> Calais ( Departure: Dortmund (Quarry: Stein Bruch) Destination: Port Calais Breaks: NONE DLC: NONE Server: ETS2MCG & SK Summer Convoy (Private Server) Parking for convoy: Time: - 13:00 PM GMT/UTC - 20:00 PM GMT+7 - 21:00 PM GMT+8 - 22:00 PM GMT+9 More timezones: Temporary Rules: 1. Follow TruckersMP rules 2. No cars (Only event staff can use pilot cars/police cars) 3. No beacons (Only event staff can use beacons) 4. No mods (This is to reduce crashes and lags) 5. No overtaking (Only event staff are allowed to overtake) 6. Event staff are allowed to use the other side of the road 7. Convoy Control can block junctions 8. Trailers are not allowed during the event (Trucks ONLY) 9. Max lead speed is 90km/h 10. Please follow the parking of each teams which has provided before. If NOT, you will be KICKED. 11. Please DO NOT park in the Event STAFF parking space. If NOT, you will be KICKED. 12. Please listen to instruction from verified Event STAFF. 13. Do not impersonate event staff in any way. You will be KICKED for the duration of the event if you do. 14. We ask you keep at least 70-100 Metres from the truck in front and the truck behind you. 15. Please RESPECT all participants in the event. *** NOT COMPLYING WILL RESULT BEING KICKED ON THE SERVER ! *** Teams participating in the event include: 1. ETS2MCG (Thailand) 2. SK Team (China) 3. ETS2MPI (Indonesia) 4. S.T.M.I (Indonesia) 5. JIPEK (Indonesia) 6. INET (Indonesia) 7. TPH (Philippines) 8. VNS (Vietnam) 9. TeamUSB (Korea) 10. LTBD (Bangladesh) 11. ETS2-R (Japan) 12. TW R.I.P (Taiwan) 13. ETS2MM (Myanmar) 14. MRT (Thailand) 15. ETS2-L.H (China) 16. G.T.R Team (China) 17. TGR Team (Korea) 18. KETS2I (Indonexia) 19. ETS-HX (China) 20. SR Team (China) 21. LongZhu (China) 22. MT Team (China) 23. Earls (China) 24. SanRen (China) 25. ETS-CX (China) 26. DT Team (China) ***Note: Other players who participate the event without permission of Event STAFF will be KICKED/BANNED during the event*** - SORRY BECAUSE THIS IS PRIVATE CONVOY IN ASIAN (NOT PUBLIC) - --------------------------------------------- Organizer Event by ETS2MCG & SK Team ---------------------------------------------

Communications for this event will be in English

Hello everyone 😀 If you have any questions about convoy, feel free to ask me via discord: Kien Giang™#4495

Participants (96)

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