BST 1st Anniversary Event

20 May, 2018

02:00PM BST

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Hello Everyone, Bangladesh Sentinel Truckers {BST} are going to organize an international convoy and truckfest for celebrating our one year of success.It was one year before we started our journey with 5 person.After one year now we have 130 person with a private ts server.It was one year of great success.It now one of the biggest VTC in Bangladesh and great reputation in Global. It is a great moment for us.For this we want to celebrate this special moment with a memorable truck-fest and convoy. Here are the details- Server Name- BST 1st Aniversary Event Start Location {also Truck-Fest Location}- Calais Sea Port Start Time: Truckfest-13.00 GMT Convoy - 14.00 GMT Convoy Route Length-907 Km End- Hannover Truckfest Slot Map- Convoy Route- If you want to join alone you can park in Public parking.But If you want to join with your VTC you need to register for slot. Registration Link- We have also set up some temporary rules for convoy. 1.No Ramming 2.No overtaking. 3.No wrong way driving. [Only media manager and Event CC can drive wrong way to overtake convoy safely. 4.No horn spamming. 5.No becon at truckfest. 6.No trailer in truckfest.But you need trailer in convoy. Here is our timetable- 12.30--Event manager and Event staff will come. 13.00--Truckfest will start. 13.30--Judging will start 13.45--Result will publish 14.00--We will start our convoy. If you want to contact with us here is our contact imformation- Steam Facebook-- Twitter-- Website-- Instragram-- Discord Channel-- Email-- [email protected] Here is reward categoris-- 1. VTC Best Paint 2. VTC Best Parking Formation 3. VTC Most Attendence 4.Best Public Paint ThankYou For Reading this.We are hopeful to see you there. Regards, Bangladesh Sentinel Truckers

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