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Welcome to Truckers Events!


It's great to finally see you here at Truckers Events! This is the place where you can share all of your TruckersMP events, the proper way. With a clean and easy-to-use design, packed with lots of unique features, we're surprised you weren't here sooner! To help get you get settled in, we've written up a little guide to show you how everything works...


Now that you've logged in for the first time, you can now start creating events and leaving comments. As part of this you now have a publicly visible user page showing your events. If you ever want to remove your Truckers Events data including your user page, then you can by visiting your account settings when signed in and clicking 'Delete all Data'.


As it's the focus of this site, let's start with the events. Here we'll show you how to submit your own event, edit your event, join someone's event, share an event, and comment on events.

Submitting - To submit your own event, simply click on the Event Submission page in the navigation (at the top of the site). On this page there are a few fields to fill with your event information, such as Time & Date, Event Type, Game, Server, Start & End City, and so on.

Once you've filled in all of the information about your event, simply click the 'Publish Event' button! This will now be listed on the homepage for everyone to see. Or, if you want to save it until later, click the 'Save As Draft' button. Events that are a Draft can only be seen by you, and published when you're ready.

Editing - So you've made a typo, or selected the wrong server - big whoop! You can edit your event at any time by clicking the 'Edit Event' button at the top of the event's page. You can edit everything on your event as you could when you first created it, and you can quickly edit it as many times as you need.

Oh no! My event had to be cancelled. What can I do? If you ever need to delete your event, there's also a 'Delete Event' button next to the edit button. This will remove your event from the site, and anyone with the link to it will see a deletion page. If you decide your event can still continue, then there will be a 'Restore Event' button on the deletion page for you.

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More Info

Visit the about page for more information about Truckers Events as well as our FAQ.

Feel free to contact us for help or suggestions at, or contact a member of staff. You can also leave feedback if you like on our feedback form