Getting Started

Welcome to Truckers Events!


It's great to finally see you here at Truckers Events! This is the perfect place where you can share all of your TruckersMP events, and we have lot's features to help you.


    - Save your event as a Draft before posting
    - Edit or Delete your event
    - Customise your event with a unique title
    - Post comments on events and receive an alert when users comment on your event
    - Earn Achievements for reaching milestones
    - Subscribe to users to receive an alert when they create an event
    - View past events of any user
    - Use a custom header image on your event page
    - Customise the website appearance in Settings
    - In-Game Location Tracking to share your location
    - Embed your TeamSpeak server on your event page
    - Filter listed events for American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, or both
    - Times automatically adjust based on your timezone
    - Automatic information on which DLC is required for an event
    - Easily share an event via Twitter, Facebook or Shortened URL
    - Embed a route map image to your event page
    - Staff team to ensure content is safe and friendly.

...and many more features to come. Good luck with your events!