#TMC The Mega Convoy

30 Jul, 2017

From 06:00PM to 10:00PM BST

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The Mega Convoy #TMC is organising an event ========================================================== Starting Location : Golfech, Nucleon [DLC Vive La France] Break Location: Bialystok, ITCC [DLC GOING EAST] Finish Location: Bergen, Drekkar Trans [DLC Scandinavia] ========================================================== Route Plan: ========================================================== Additional Information: -Please arrive 30 minutes before we leave -We will be leaving at 18:05 BST -The convoy will be guided by trucks / Cars from Pilot Services and JaffaVTC -The convoy leader will be a member of PilotVTC or Trameri Events ========================================================== Rules: -Allowed to Advertise with Organizers Permission -No Overtaking -No Ramming -No Beacons -No Horn Spamming -You Must Stay Single File -You Must Arrive With A Trailer -You Must Respect Everybody In The Convoy -You Must Stay At Least 50 - 75 Metres Away From The Truck In Front Of You -You Must Always Let The Convoy Staff Through To The Front ========================================================== TeamSpeak: Server IP: (You don’t have to join but please try even if you don’t have a microphone) ========================================================== Twitch Streamers: The convoy will be streamed to Twitch ========================================================== Website: ========================================================== A little more about The Mega Convoy: ========================================================== Kind Regards Chimp of Pilot VTC© Ollie of Trameri Events Sam of JaffaVTC

Communications for this event will be in English

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