Information on Truckers Events.

About us

Truckers Events is designed to allow TruckersMP users to share their events with the community. We have focused on a lot of exciting features to allow our users to enjoy using the website, and introduces a whole new experience when publishing events.

The project was created by Digital & Pitsy and is not affiliated with any Virtual Trucking Company.


A Featured event allows TruckersMP Major Events to be promoted with a unique event page, listed at the top of our homepage. They can also include a video, custom banner, custom URL and more based on your requirements. You must contact us with a link to the Major Event post on the forums if you wish to request this. Events are only Featured 2 weeks prior to the event start date.

What are the Achievements?

Achievements are available to earn by reaching various stages on the site; attending and creating events, having popular events and more. You can view a list of the available achievements here.

What are the tags next to my name?

These are VTC tags which are detected automatically from your Steam username, usually assuming text between brackets, square brackets and asterisks are VTC tags.